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February 19th, 2020
Photo of Rachel and Kevin

Hello! Welcome to Eco-Anxious Stories. As co-founders of the site, we wanted to say hi and introduce ourselves. Check out the videos below for background on who we are, why we started this project, and what to expect from the site.

- Rachel Malena-Chan (RMC) and Kevin Gatley (KG)

Part 1: Pleased to meet you

Part 1 covers a lot of ground:

  • Jump to 1:37 for a preview of some of the content already on the site.
  • Jump to 4:21 to better understand what drew us each to this work
  • Jump to 8:20 to better understand Rachel’s research and how it relates to eco-anxiety
  • Jump to 11:20 for a break-down of who this project is for
  • Jump to 13:48 for a background on our journey to get this project where it is today
  • Jump to 15:24 to better understand how this project was funded and supported
  • Jump to 16:41 for an intro to our work as consultants with EAS Solutions
  • Jump to 17:51 to hear about our Patreon community
  • Jump to 18:13 to hear about how you can join in and share your story

Visit our Patreon page today and help support eco-anxious storytelling, and check out Part 2 of our intro video below!


Part 2: What this isn't and who we aren't

Welcome back, friend! So glad that you’re keen to know more about Eco-Anxious Stories. Eco-anxiety is an emerging topic, and while some folks have been talking about it for a while (you’re going to be hearing from lots of them here on the site!), it’s relatively new territory.

In Part 2, we chat about what this project isn’t and who we aren’t in an effort to get specific about the edges of our piece of the puzzle.

Jump to 0:20 to hear about how we’re not the first or the worst hit by the climate crisis

Jump to 3:21 to hear about how we’re not climate scientists or mental health professionals

Jump to 8:18 to hear about how this isn’t the start or the end of the conversation

Jump to 10:35 to hear about where we are as a team and where we’re headed next

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    In Closing

    Hate to break it to you, but you’re going to be seeing a lot of us around. Don’t get us wrong - this project is about your stories, but no one is neutral when it comes to the climate crisis, and it’s important to us to be transparent about how we’re navigating our own eco-anxieties. So consider this the first of many opportunities to bounce around ideas, to share experiences, and to talk about what matters most. Great to meet you!