A Love Note to My Eco-Anxious Mind

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February 17th, 2020
Picture of hands being held and the text: A Love Note to My Eco-Anxious Mind

This love note is a simple road map for when you are stuck. When anxiety has you by the throat and you don’t know what to do.  In conversations with my clients, sorting out what drains one’s energy and what fuels one’s soul is the first step to moving beyond stuck.

And with that first step, the anxiety lessens and your heart beat softens. As quick as a wink, you feel different about your place in the world.

— A nod to Babaton for this inspiration

With love,

the Mindful Muse.

A Love Note to My Eco-Anxious Mind

Focus on the essential.

  • What is draining your energy?
  • What is giving you energy?

Trust your intuition.

  • Listen to the longing of your heart
  • Take a step towards it

Seek simplicity.

  • Shed all things draining you
  • Shine your face towards the energy of yes

Refine.  Reinvent.

  • Clear the clutter
  • Create space for sweetness

Respect Intelligence.

  • Explore what you don’t know
  • Practice what you do know

Live with purpose.

  • The world needs your gift
  • Give it away with love

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  • By Mary Prefontaine