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Eco-Anxious Stories was created in response to our own experiences with eco-anxiety and feelings of isolation as we navigate this crisis. We envision a diverse community of people sharing stories of their own experiences and finding shelter from the storm. We believe that if we can shrug off silence together, we can support one another in taking meaningful action.

Rachel Malena-Chan

Rachel is the Creative Director and co-founder of Eco-Anxious Stories and Communications Strategist at EAS Solutions. She started exploring eco-anxiety through her Master’s research in Community Health, and ever since, she’s devoted her energy to shaping public narratives and activating courageous stories. Rachel is lucky to spend all her days with her husband, Wing Go.

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Kevin Gatley

Kevin is the Operations Director and co-founder of Eco-Anxious Stories and Business Strategist and Leadership Coach at EAS Solutions. His own eco-anxiety was heightened when he became a Dad and felt a new pressure to have a resounding impact on the world around him. When not passionately working with his clients and partners, he can be found having adventures with the loves of his life: his kids and amazing wife.

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EAS Solutions

EAS Solutions is a consultancy that works with individuals, businesses, and organizations to define their climate leadership narrative and strategy. Our team of coaches, strategists, and creators not only runs the Eco-Anxious Stories platform, we can also help you connect the dots between your values, your goals, and the broader context of climate change. 



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Eco-Anxious Stories is a dynamic online space dedicated to transforming eco-anxiety into meaningful action. We've built it from the ground up with no outside funding or organizational support. Now we're turning to you to take things to the next level. We want to fill your feeds with beautiful, engaging, relatable content about a topic that isn't easy to face everyday. That means original stories, videos, photo essays, blogs, and resources that help people channel their feelings into a courageous and compassionate response to the climate crisis, starting right where they are. Your pledges will fuel graphic design, editing, publishing, web development, social media management, video and photo design, music production, and coffee.

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Graphic Design

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Strategic Coach, Mindful Muse

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